Running with us

We love trail running and believe that it makes us stronger. We want to share the joy of the trails with you. Our training sessions will support you to gain confidence and strength. We believe that you are #strongerthanyouthink and you can take on new challenges. We organise small, friendly group sessions for all levels. We also offer run tours in Ardnamurchan and Edinburgh.

We offer

Training courses and running tours.


Training in the Hermitage of Braid.  Run tours in Ardnamurchan and the Edinburgh area.

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Feedback from participants to our training, tours and events.

" The Wednesday running sessions are fantastic. Again Avril has an excellent running coach, and I look forward to each Wednesday to join a fun packed class with like minded women. Who knew that running could be fun as well as hard work? I love the warm and supportive environment that Avril has created. It’s just magic "

"I absolutely loved it (Ardnamurchan tour). I was desperately trying to think of anything that could have been better and can't think of anything … you were so thorough with your kit checks and looking after us that it was perfect. Thank you for an amazing weekend"

"Such a great group with amazing events. WRS events are different from any others in the way they build your confidence."

"A well organised and enjoyable event, amazing scenery ... lots of camaraderie... it was a great day out. Will definitely do another women run strong event in the future."

"Had such a fabulous time, trotting along in the sunshine getting offered jelly babies every few miles! I loved the emphasis on enjoying the day & not worrying about speed, and it was great to celebrate with a glass of bubbly"

"Fab, fab, fab day out ... Totally loved it, would definitely recommend and will be back!"

Training and tours

Join us for training or tours. We'd love to run with you

Start to Run Strong on Tuesdays

Do you want to start running, or restart your running? We have a plan and group for you. We will support you to build up strength and confidence.

Please contact us using the form below if you're interested in this session.

Run Stronger 10km+ Mondays and Tuesdays 

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Progress from 5km to 10km and further getting stronger and confident on more tricky terrain.

Run Strong and Long 15k+ Wednesday session for more experienced runners

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You can run 10km but want to continue to build strength and confidence to explore further and maybe take on a two day trail tour with us.

Ardnamurchan Trail Tour - Two days enjoying wild scenery and fun company

Bespoke tours, contact us using the form below if you're interested.


If you want to explore the wild west of Scotland we'd love you to join us. Over two days we will take you places you might not find alone.

Day 1: 16km  - Through rugged, remote terrain to a beach only accessible from the trails. Beautiful views to the Small Isles.

Day 2: 8- 12km (depending on your energy). Wild west coast scenery, beaches and stunning views. Plus a stop for coffee!

We can also help you if  have another destination or distance in mind.

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.



Our photos capture the fun and freedom of our runs. Enjoy many more on our flickr page.


Get started and gear

If you can walk you can run and you don't need fancy gear!

Running is just a faster form of walking. With a little training you can shift pace and run. The hardest part is starting, a training plan is essential. The second hardest part is motivating yourself to run on a bad day, that's why we started our group training. With a plan and a trainer and group support you will be amazed how you can run more to explore new places. Join our Groups in Edinburgh if you can.

Check out our  Facebook page for inspiration, ideas and support from other women. We have a private group on Facebook Women Run Strong Tribe, join it for open chats about all things running and fitting it in your life!

To get you started, if you can't join a group, here's our Women Run Strong 5 km training . You only need 25 – 30 mins, 3 days a week.

Just contact us if you have questions.

You don't need fancy gear to run. Shoes are the most important piece of kit, get advice from a good running shop like Run4It

We love our own t-shirts and buffs. Light layers are good because you will warm up very quickly once you start running.

Get into the Women Run Strong mood with our t-shirts, hoodies, buffs, send us a message if you'd like to wear our message #strongerthanyouthink